Artists Statements  

Artists Statements

I would like to say that my primary objective in making works like these is to articulate various ideas concepts and visualizations that belong to me, to myself.

Most of this body of work is best understood in the context of the accompanying documentary on my process so far called, "Suspension" (by Bradshaw Shaffer). They are kinetic suspension of varying sizes and complexities but generally made of wood, cotton, pebbles and glass beads. It is perhaps useful to view these works as clockwork screensavers. Through labourious distillation of the mechanical solution down to it's simplest and therefore most elegant expression, this work speaks to the visceral and resonant qualities to be gained in analogue solutions and often to be lost in modern technologising. It tries to address parts of modern human experience and even values which I feel to be rather cauterized. I hope to encourage the viewer to remember that the mechanisms of our experience are to be interrogated and understood if we are to use them to our advantage and satisfaction. At my most ambitious I think I wanted to design myself little experience machines that urged some kind of mechanical interrogation, and through this shifted my world view away from some of the anaesthetic effect of modern technology.

You could say that interacting with these sculptures:

My input is simple but the output is complex, fluid and beautiful. The mechanism is visible and its simplicity is evident. How does it do that, and why is that so engaging and satisfying?

Finally, what is it about the simplicity/understanding of a solution that gives it a resonance or even beauty and does the way in which we choose to live our lives and experience, illicit the same response?